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By accident or intention, you’ve arrived at the weirdly wonderful, and giddily gruesome website of Aunt Grizelda. Within this site you’ll find a wealth of information on mean monsters, foolish and reckless children and what became of them; vicious villains, and the occasional smart hero or heroine. You can discover more about the books, watch some videos, and try out some awesome activities too, devised especially for you by Aunt Grizelda. Come on in. I dare you!

The new Aunt Grizelda book!

The latest book in the Aunt Grizelda series will be out in October 2023. Add it to your creepy collection of darkly funny tales in rhyme.

Aunt Grizelda’s Monstrous Myths

Aunt Grizelda’s Monstrous Myths: by Anna Best, illustrated by Marit Cooper, is a humorous collection of Greek Myths as retold by Aunt Grizelda. From a gorgon with a seriously snaky bad hair day, to a greedy king with a foolish request for a touch that turns things to chocolate, the tales in this book will surprise you and make you laugh. With characterful and witty illustrations by Aunt Grizelda’s new illustrator, Marit Cooper, this is a book you’ll return to time and time again.
Now available to order from Amazon and most major UK book shops.