Edifying Extras

As an Aunt Grizelda fan, it goes without saying you are clever and curious, so this bit of the website is especially for you. In Edifying Extras Aunt Grizelda will be posting all kinds of activities and information; quizzes, chilling challenges, sinister stories and rhymes, and news about what Aunt Grizelda and her companions are up to. Get involved and let us know what you’ve enjoyed!

  • Create your own Greek God or Goddess
    Imagine you got the chance to become a brand-new god or goddess. What is your name? What is your special role? What are your supernatural powers? Illustrate your description with a picture and send it along to nnabest@auntgrizelda.com and we’ll put it up in the fan gallery.
  • Something Fishy
    (By the pricking of my thumbs) Something Fishy This Way Comes… Inside the forest after dark, There lurks the great white woodland shark.
  • Ghost Train
    Through the fog at midnight ,Along the East Ghost Line, Roars the ghastly nightmare train, Always dead on time…
  • Quizzical Creatures
    So, you think you know your mythical monsters and creepy creatures of the night? Try this quiz to find out.
  • Halloween Chant
    As the days slither ever closer to that spookiest time of the year- Halloween – you might be looking for a scary rhyme to get you in the mood. So, when you’re shivering around a very unlikely campfire (camping in October???), or in the kitchen, preparing sinister snacks for a party, get spines shivering with this chanted story in verse.