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There are three books in the Aunt Grizelda series so far, (with a fourth due out in 2024 called Aunt Grizelda’s Vile Villains) and while they cover different topics, they are all darkly comic, with stories that give you surprising – sometimes shocking- endings. In fact, Aunt Grizelda likes to think there’s something in them for everyone…(even grown-ups have been known to read and enjoy.) 
For more information on each title, plus readers’ comments, see below.

Aunt Grizelda’s Treasury of Grim and Grisly Rhymes

Cautionary tales and dire warnings abound in this collection of “gleefully vicious” rhymes. It presents a cast of foolhardy characters, who learn from their mistakes the hard way and in most cases come to a sticky end. We meet computer-game addict Silas, who becomes trapped in an Xbox game; pyromaniac Zebediah, who goes up in flames; and Eliza, who overcomes her fear of spiders and teaches the spider a gruesome lesson in the process.

Paperback ISNB 978-1-907432-28-6
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Hardback ISBN 978-1-907432-29-3
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Some Readers’ Comments

“Better than toys!” (Adam, 7)
“It’s poetry…but good poetry.” (Edwin, 8)
“Super book, clever poems and wonderfully illustrated.” (Amazon review)
“This little book is brilliant fun for both kids and adults.” (Amazon review)

Aunt Grizelda’s Fairy Tales of the Unexpected

These eight traditional fairy tales are retold in Aunt Grizelda’s trademark style of darkly funny rhymes. Amongst the cast of surprising characters, we find Little Red Riding Hood’s granny, who is more than a match for the big bad wolf; a pair of enterprising cobbler elves, who make a splash as high fashion shoe designers, and a crafty toad posing as a frog prince in order to break a witch’s spell.

ISBN 978-1-907432-36-1
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Some Readers’ Comments

“Fun and thought provoking.” (Amazon review)
“I wish I had the time
To write a wicked rhyme
This book is something you should view
And is much better than this review.” (Amazon review)
“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and for many reasons. I really loved how each verse had a humorous, unexpected twist, making each tale really come to life.
I felt inspired by the expressions of female independence throughout the book.” (Rosa, 11)

Aunt Grizelda’s Monstrous Myths

Aunt Grizelda’s Monstrous Myths by Anna Best, illustrated by Marit Cooper, is a humorous collection of Greek Myths as retold by Aunt Grizelda. Published by Hogs Back Books October 2023.

As you may know, the ancient Greeks loved a good gory tale about gods, goddesses, monsters and heroes, and their stories survive to this day because they are hugely imaginative and very, very weird. For example, when Prometheus the Titan gave humans the gift of fire, the god Zeus was so angry he had him chained to a rock, where an eagle pecked out his liver every day. Yes, every day! His liver! And that’s because Zeus made it grow back each night. You see, weird.

Anyway, Aunt Grizelda decided it was time to give the Greek myths an update, and add a bit of humour, and we’re pleased to say we think the result is entertaining. (An added extra is you’ll learn things, too, as the book gives the original myth as the Greeks told it.)

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1913827453
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1913827458

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