Create your own Greek God or Goddess

Gods and Goddesses

The Greek gods and goddesses had amazing powers. For example, Zeus, the king of the gods, was also god of the sky and thunder. (Ten pin bowling is fun, but imagine how much more fun it must be hurling thunderbolts across the sky!) Or how about his brother Poseidon? He was the god of the seas and also creator of earthquakes. Those two must have been pretty noisy guys to have around.

Some goddesses also had important roles. Athena was goddess of wisdom; the beautiful Aphrodite was the goddess of love; and Artemis was the goddess of hunting, which is why in statues she’s always got a hunting dog by her side and a bow in her hand.

Of course, some gods had less high-powered jobs: for example, Iris was the goddess of rainbows, and Morpheus was the god of sleep and dreams, which are pretty cool, but certainly not as demanding as controlling love, or wisdom, or the seas. But all in all, being any god at any level beats being a mortal. So, if you could choose, what would you be the god of?

Create your own Greek God or Goddess

Imagine you got the chance to become a brand-new god or goddess. What is your name? What is your special role? What are your supernatural powers? Illustrate your description with a picture and send it along to and we’ll put it up in the fan art gallery. Have fun!

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