Ghost Train

Many of you will probably have had a ride on a ghost train at an amusement park, and it can be pretty scary when weird figures loom out of the darkness and cold drafts send icy chills down your spine. But did you know that all over the British Isles and America there are tales of phantom trains that are downright terrifying!
Some, like the Roaring Train of Dalton-in-Furness, are invisible and people only spot them from the roar of their engines and the rush of air they cause as they hurtle by.  Others can be seen for a while, but then suddenly disappear, such as the Black Train of Lochalsh that roars along the tracks at night spitting fire before vanishing into the hills. Many of these engines run on tracks that are no longer there, following a route they knew when they were real. In America, a phantom funeral train runs regularly from Washington DC to Springfield Illinois around the time of President Abraham Lincoln’s death, stopping watches in the surrounding areas as it passes. Now that’s what I call a ghost train!

The Nightmare Express

Through the fog at midnight,
Along the East Ghost Line,
Roars the ghastly nightmare train,
Always dead on time.

Sitting at the windows,
With staring, bloodshot eyes,
Ghost and zombie passengers
Screech out their dreadful cries.

Never ever slowing down,
It thunders through each station.
Never ever getting to
Its final destination.

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    1. Hi Aaron. I’m delighted to hear your daughter is enjoying Aunt Grizelda’s world of spookiness. There will be further spooky stuff in the future, so please check in now and again under Edifying Extras!

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