Quizzical Creatures

A Creepy Creature Quizz

Vlad-the-Impaler illustration by Marit Cooper

So, you think you know your mythical monsters and creepy creatures of the night? Try this quiz to find out.

1) Count Dracula was from

a. Lewisham
b. Inverness
c. Transylvania

2) The three headed dog that guarded the underworld was called

a. Killer
b. Cerberus
c. Petal

3) A poltergeist is a ghost that

a. Makes a lot of noise
b. Carries its head under its arm
c. Sits in a corner and cries

4) Black Shuck is

a. A giant rabbit that kills its victims by jumping on them
b. A huge snake that crushes its victims to death
c. A black dog with fiery red eyes that haunts the lanes of East Anglia

5) The Loch Ness Monster has been described as looking like a

a. Stegosaurus
b. A plesiosaur
c. A tyrannosaurus Rex

6) The stare of the gorgon was terrible because

a. It could turn you into ice
b. It could turn you to smoke
c. It could turn you to stone.

1)=C 2)=B 3)=A 4)=C 5)=B 6)=C

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